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Development of the Italian Trade Fair System

The Industry Trade Fair Committee – in short form CFI – based in Milan is the Association of Fair Organizers operating in the Italian trade fair industry, as identified by the Ateco codes assigned by Confindustria to its organizational and representation competence.

CFI is associated with Confindustria, according to the provisions of article 5 of the Confederal Statute, with the consequent rights and obligations. Adopt the logo and other distinctive signs of the system in the manner established in the Confindustria Regulations.

It participates, together with Confindustria and all the other Associates of the same, in the process of development of the Italian company, contributing to the affirmation of an innovative, internationalized, sustainable entrepreneurial system, capable of promoting the country’s economic, social, civil and cultural growth.

CFI is autonomous, non-partisan and independent of any external conditioning. It guides and inspires its own organizational behaviors and its own functioning modalities to the Code of Ethics and the associative values ​​of Confindustria which is an integral part of the Statute.
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Comitato Fiere Industria

Via Pantano, 2 – 20122 Milan – Italy
Tel. 0272000281 r.a. – Fax 0272000241
www.cfionline.net – info@cfionline.net

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