Laws and standards

On 27 May 2017, the European Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk, in collaboration with the European Exhibition Industry Alliance and EMECA, introduced guidelines to protect intellectual property rights at trade fairs the duration of which suggests immediate protection.

The European guidelines are the main target for companies, and in particular SMEs, while the Organisers are entrusted with the task of providing the exhibitors with special assistance services to protect the rights of the trademarks, patents, industrial design, utility models and copyrights.

In September 2017, the Trade Show Industry – CFI Committee activated itself in the relevant EU and Italian offices to have the Italian text of the European guidelines, as a premise for their dissemination to the exhibitors of international fairs italy through the associated trade fair organisers.

In December 2017 EIPRs Helpdesk received the Italian text, prepared by its ambassadors active in Italy, under the title “Information Card: the management of intellectual property in fairs”.

The Italian text was validated By EIPRs Helpdesk in March 2018 and on 14 March confirmed it to CFI by enabling it to be disseminated to the Organizers and CFI associates with the aim of spreading it to their Italian Exhibitors and, in the original version English Exhibitors.

In addition, CFI and its Associates are allowed to place the Information Card on their sites.

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