The Italian trade fair industry that CFI advocates must be increasingly competitive with those of competing countries and must, as the ultimate goal of its activity, be to foster the development of trade and the internationalization of companies. To this end, the IFC is committed to ensuring that:
• Italian legislation is constantly in line with that in force in the European Unitary Countries;
• the system is equipped with exhibition structures and services at the highest levels of quality and managed with high professionalism and can make use of efficient dedicated infrastructures and an induced one adapted to the needs of exhibitors and visitors;
• public interventions are rationalized, so that they are concentrated on initiatives of genuine international level;
• in particular, initiatives that take into account the real needs of companies, with particular attention to medium and small, which at fairs have the main tool for promotion and openness to international markets;
• the exhibition service adapts promptly to the evolution of the global market, refining the display tool, always and in any case enhancing the Italian production system, expression of “Made in Italy”;
• the Italian exhibition industry also develops through the organization of events abroad, making use of the acquired know-how and internationalizing the brands of Italian fairs.
In this context, the CFI intends to clearly define the role of the various subjects that operate in the trade fair sector, having as a yardstick the rules of the free market and of competition.
To achieve its aims, the IFC acts as an active and proactive interlocutor in the relationship with state and local administrations, with trade fair organizations that manage exhibition areas, with other public and private entities in the trade fair sector.
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