The Statute

CFI is established, with headquarters in Milan, on January 1, 1986, on the shareholders’ resolution of November 20, 1985, with which the organization transforms the statutory structure that had been given on March 9, 1982 with the establishment of the Inter-Association Industry Fairs Committee, based in Rome.

The Extraordinary Assembly of 30 November 1992, the Association also assumes the role and function of Confindustria Agency for Trade Shows.

Following the reform of the statute of Confindustria and the passage of regulatory competences in the trade fair field to the Regions with the modification of Title V of the Constitution, CFI, with the Extraordinary Assembly of 1 December 2003, modifies its statute to adapt it to the new framework of reference.

Subsequently, on 15 July 2008, the Assembly made a statutory change to highlight, on the one hand, the political role of CFI in the development of the internationalization of companies, and, on the other, the operational function, in an associative logic, representing of the Organizers of industry fairs.

Following the reform of Confindustria, according to the direction set by the Pesenti Commission, CFI has repositioned itself in the confederal sphere with the adoption of a new statute approved by the Extraordinary Assembly of 15 March 2019 and assuming the role of trade association adherent to Confindustria representing the Organizers of trade fairs dedicated to the industrial sectors.

On 11 April 2019 Confindustria ratified the accession of CFI to the confederal system.

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